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Bitcoin is a need to have, not a nice to have.

That's a great question!

1) Stay humble.
2) Stack sats (aka Satoshis)

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Zoom out. Up only.


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It's better to have a Bitcoin and not need it than need a Bitcoin and not have it.

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All altcoins are scams. I constantly say this not because they'e competing with Bitcoin; they aren't. Nor because I want to protect idiots from scams; I don't care. I say it for my reputation & integrity, so nobody will ever associate me with altcoins. And to alienate scammers.
Only reason altcoin scams exist is that they are parasites on Bitcoin & Bitcoiners, to the point where they've succeeded in convincing morons that Bitcoin and altcoins are all part of the same "space". If you don't speak up, you'll get tarred as a scammer when these scams blowup
No altcoin does anything that Bitcoin cannot do. No altcoin will ever be neutral money like Bitcoin. Alts were not invented to be money, but to make their creators rich, so they'll always be controlled by the scammers behind them. Stupid games with stupid prizes.
Bitcoin matters not because it's fast, cheap, or easy; but only because nobody controls it. It grew spontaneously in the wilds of the internet without a central planner. After it, no alt could ever recreate this, as there's no spontaneous market demand for a less secure Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is like a really good woman ... It will take time for you to truly understand her. She will open your eyes to new things (& make you question your sanity). Her price (mood) swings will keep you on your toes. But in the end, hodl her, & she’ll repay you 10 fold.

I will die on this hill.

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Oh sorry, this isn't real customer service. Bitcoin doesn't have customer service, or an "official" delegation, or someone to complain to. It's the world's first open source fully decentralized, monetary network and the hardest form of money humans have ever created.

This page is purely parody, but you should do some research and learn about Bitcoin because it is changing the world.